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        A Second Chance

Naissance (nay-SAHNS) lives in a tiny shanty home in Haiti. Like many in her homeland, she cannot read or write. She makes a meager living by selling boiled eggs and bananas on the street.

Five years ago her teenage son gave his life to God and joined the Adventist Church. He urged his mother to attend church with him and even gave her Bible studies, but she resisted his efforts and refused to surrender her life to God. So her son turned to prayer.

Naissance was washing clothes when the earthquake rocked southern Haiti in January 2010. She dropped the wet clothes and fled outside just in time to see the building next door topple over, crushing her little house. She watched in horror as the house on the other side of hers fell, crushing a young child. She cried out, “Jesus, are You going to let me die too?”

Naissance had nothing except the clothes she was wearing. She fled to the only place of safety she knew—her son’s church. A deacon invited her inside the gate and showed her where she could stay outside the church. No one ventured into the building for fear of another earthquake.

Church members gave Naissance what food they could and someone found a tarp under which she could sleep. Dozens more people came to the church for safety, and soon the churchyard was filled with people.

Naissasnce PhotoThree days later the evangelistic meeting that had been interrupted by the earthquake resumed outside the church. A woman preached powerfully but simply, and Naissance listened with an open heart. At last she understood what her son had been trying to tell her—that God loves her and wants her to become His child. She responded and was baptized with more than 240 others following the meetings.

Naissance has joined a group of women who pray for people who are facing difficulties. “I can’t read or write, but I can pray,” she says. Her son is helping her learn Bible texts by repeating them to her. “At last God’s word is finding root in my heart and my life. I praise Him for preserving me long enough to give my heart to Him.”

Our mission offerings help fund evangelism in Haiti and around the world. And the Thirteenth Sabbath Offering taken last December will help rebuild many of the churches and school facilities that were damaged or destroyed in the worst disaster ever to strike Haiti. Thank you for sharing.

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